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One of the biggest risks a person faces is running out of money in retirement. When do you plan on retiring?

33%, or more than 77 million, of Americans do not pay their bills on time. 39% carry card debt from month to month. Worse, more than half now think it’s acceptable to default on their mortgage if they can’t afford to pay it. Is debt a problem for you?

Taxes take a big chunk of your money. Any saving and investment strategy must consider the tax impact on it. What is your current tax? What will the tax rate be in the future? Will taxes rise or fall? Where does your money go? Do you understand the following?

Medicare is your health insurance after the age of 65 in the U.S. Unless you are still covered by your employer’s health plan, you must enroll in Medicare before you can get additional private Medicare supplement coverage. Are you planning on applying for Medicare when you retire?

Plan your retirement. Take Action! You can make the change. You can take charge of your retirement. One of the greatest miracles in life is that you can change your life by simply changing your mind. Do you need help planning your retirement?

Most think estate planning is for rich people who live in mansions high up on a hill. But in fact, everyone has an estate. Your estate is everything you own minus your debt, such as your house, car, money in the bank, family heirlooms, etc. What role does your family play in your life?

What will you do in retirement?

Will you be taking Social Security?

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